Friday, October 08, 2004

Sheep, Frogs and Cartoons

Since I recently published some posts with my plush frog friend Humphrey, my old friend Gwynt got inspired.

He took his pencil, a piece of paper, his crown pen and the ink and started drawing a frog and a sheep, to be more precise, a ewe. Then he gave it a title stating that a frog and a ewe were depicted in the cartoon. All great work. To colour up the whole thing he went on PhotoSheeping.

The result: a nice cartoon.

But some how I feel a bit disturbed when I see the cartoon and read the title out loud...

Frog Ewe! cartoon by Gwynt

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Crafty Scots - Tiny Little Sheep

In Scotland you have all kinds of people. And sheep.
You also have Crafty Scots wandering around at the Electric Scotland website, a site about Scottish history and geneology.

It seems some crafty Scot has done some serious knitting.
And knitted an adorable tiny little 2 inch tall Scottish sheep.
Love it.

SheepShopping: Set of 10 Cute Glow in the Dark Sheep

Sheep Pick

A 10 day eBay auction of a set of great glow in the dark sheep. I have a set myself, and I know they are cute! The bidding starts at 1 GBP (1.43 euro, US$ 1.75).
Auction ends on October 27.


This post is part of Youssouf's Guide to SheepShopping

SheepShopping: Celtic Traders - Sheep!

Celtic Traders is an online shop. It offers some Celtic stuff as well as other stuff.
The selected page is their sheep section.


Celtic Traders - Sheep!


Just a selection:

  • 'Celtic' sheep products, like the baa-sket above.

  • Sheep World products, a really great series of sheep. The product line contains statues, chessboards, photoframes and much more (not all for sale here).

  • Wonderful paper maché sheep

This post is part of Youssouf's Guide to SheepShopping

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Action Hero Ram

I just found a picture of a ram. Looks like some kind of hero or villain.
You tell me!

Post a comment and judge by the looks of this mighty ram what he is.
A god? An action hero? A ninja? Is he evil? Is he good? Troublemaker? Peacekeeper? What are his skills? Is he Chinese? Japanese? Korean? Mexican? You name it! Just write a post or small story what he could be.

Be creative :P

(Anyways, if you have difficulties posting a comment: be persistent, if you get a login screen, below it you can post anonymously.)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sheep News - In Love With Lamb

I especially love the title. In love with lamb.

It seems that the British people do love their lambs. Roasted and on a plate that is.
Unfortunately most of those stiff upper lips don't want to spend hours in the kitchen.
Lamb roast prepared with non-British recipes are considered very time consuming.
But they do want to eat a nice sheepish meal.

What to do, what to do.

The article states that according to some research it is a problem for the Brits.
British Meat has a solution. They came up with some quick and easy lamb recipes, inspired by the exotic dishes that we typically enjoy eating on a night out.

How convenient.

Whether you are British or not, you might want to read the full story, including a link to the recipes.
You can find it at ic Renfrewshire - In love with lamb.

Youssouf Cooper

Sometimes you have to be drastic.
"You see anything different on me?"
- "Err, you've got new socks!"

I got a bit carried away by the wole Alice Cooper & Dolly the sheep thing. Got inspired.

Anyway, I decided to do an extreme makeover. Visagists, excellent barbers and a plastic (doll fixer-upper) surgeon did the job in PhotoSheep Studio's & Clinics.

Behold the result: Youssouf Cooper!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Sheepish Backgrounds!

So... I have done some PhotoSheeping with sheep cartoon characters originally drawn by Gwynt. The header and title now have a yellow and orange sheepish background!
Looks more fun to me :-D

Happy Baaaahthday!

I'd like to wish all sheep, frogs, hippo's, rabbits, monkeys and all other animals a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to ewe,
Happy birthday to ewe,
Happy birthday deer and buffalo's
Happy birthday to all animals

Enjoy today, I hope it will be a great day for all animals. Both stuffed plush animals as flesh-and-blood animals. Hiphiphurray for us!

Dolly the Sheep & Alice Cooper

Yesterday (actually today as I am writing this on Sunday and publish it tomorrow) I received a SheepSuggestion from killer sheep.
He maintains a sheepish weblog as well.
About Dolly (the cloned - yet inflatable? - sheep), Alice Cooper and himself. As you can see by the picture the sheep has gone maaaad or somebody has done a great job on PhotoSheeping
I do not understand the connection between Alice Cooper and sheep - or to be more precise - Dolly. There seems to be one. Very mysterious indeed. I'll investigate it.

... (Youssouf is investigating on this Sunday afternoon)

After some chitchatting with killer sheep I finally know. It's not just a Baaaaahlice Cooper thing. Killer sheep explained it right away on his weblog. It all goes back to a concert of Alice Cooper. There was an unfortunate - for Dolly - encounter between Alice and Dolly. Alice sent Dolly to Wonderland - the eternal green grazing fields. Just read it.

Nevertheless. A sheepish weblog. With fun sheep facts and news. Especially this post is great ;-)

You can find a link from now on on the left. With the other sheepish weblog links.
What is it called? Dolly, Alice Cooper & I

Now excuse me, for I have to practice the drum solo in Alice Cooper's Halo of Sheep.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sheep Cartoon - Lamb and Wine Sacrifice

It's Sunday, so it is allowed to be a bit biblical.
Sheep, lambs and shephards are widely spread across the Bible and are used (or ewesed?) as symbols all the time.
It would be a waste to ignore all of those sheep.
So today a Jeff Larsson cartoon (is he related to collegue Gary Larson??) from The Back Pew. A Christian cartoon about wine and lamb.

Quite a horrible story actually. Sheep being sacrificed. Not even being eaten (I do have a recipe for a great stew). In its last dispair the lamb tries to save himself. They made fun of a lamb with mortal fear. It's rude!