Thursday, February 10, 2005

Draw Sheep in the Big City

All Cartoon Network fans out there know the toon Sheep in the Big City. Unfortunately we do not have Cartoon Network on the cable anymore :(
But now you can have your own Sheep at home!

The Cartoon Network's Fridays offer a Sheep drawing lesson!

Have fun and enjoy the drawing!

Sheep Cartoon: Black Sheep

Luckily I do not do politics.
Nevertheless a political sheep cartoon. Found at The Clinton Legacy

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sometimes you can't believe what people are doing to sheep.
Sir Rantzalot noticed me on some truely bad practices in Australia called mulesing:

Can you imagine the public outcry if someone grabbed a dog and sliced away skin and flesh the size of a dinner plate from around its anus and tail with a pair of shears and without anaesthetic.
Well Australian protection laws, whilst prohibiting such cruelty on companion animals, allow this gory primitive act to be carried out on millions of sheep each year.

If you have a strong stomache (there is one gruesome picture) and are prepared to read about this abuse, just read the article on Mulesing from Animal Liberation. Perhaps you can help prevent such misbehaviour...
They should be cuddling those sheep!