Thursday, April 14, 2005

Flapser's Frolicing Wisdoms I

Don't shear an entire flock
When you knit just one sock

Sheep News: 'Mr president, please slaughter 1 000 sheep'

Sometimes the world seems bizarre.
Well, read for yourself. But please, do not slaughter 1000 sheep to prevent earthquakes in Indonesia. That's a waste (but 1000 sheep for some nice Indonesian dishes...).

Jakarta - Indonesia's president said on Tuesday he had been told to slaughter 1 000 sheep to prevent a repeat of the disastrous quakes that have hit his country, but he rejected the advice as superstitious nonsense.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he had been bombarded with telephone text messages saying sacrificial lambs could calm the seismic forces that have claimed thousands of lives.

"I have received many SMSs which say: 'Mr president, please slaughter 1,000 sheep',"

Yudhoyono was quoted as saying by the state news agency Antara.

Yudhoyono urged the public not to believe in superstitions, saying that earthquakes were a natural phenomenon and could be explained scientifically.

Indonesia is a mainly Muslim country but belief in ancient mystic practices is still ingrained in the lives of many citizens.

Source: IOL (South Africa) news article: 'Mr president, please slaughter 1 000 sheep'

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sheep maze

Sometimes it is necessary to keep the visitors of this blog (you!) busy. Provide some entertainment that may cost them a potential hour or so. And it must be fun.

That is why I posted this great maze.
It should keep you busy for an hour or so (unless you are the brightest student of your flock). Or perhaps your little neighbour kid will enjoy it on a rainy afternoon :-D

Imagine you are a shepphard. You have to find your lost lamb. You have to find the lamb before its lovely flower in the hair has faded.

Sheep maze

The theme of a shepphard finding a lost lamb sounds awfully familiar, no surprise I found the maze on Bible Kids' Fun Zone.