Saturday, August 21, 2004

One of my Favourites: SheepGame

For years David Lewis's SheepGame has been one of my favourite sheep games. You have to round up or split the flock of sheep with your mouse. It is fun and the game looks great!


Friday, August 20, 2004

Telephone Sheep

Sometimes you see the strangest pictures.
Great looking sheep made of a telephone (head), with telephone horns as feet and a nice, warm telephone cable pull-over as body...

Where did I get it? Peanut-Bear found it at a Polish site in their posting (only a directory...) of July 31, under the Polish name (translation anybody?) of wystroj-wnetrza.jpg.

I think this is a brilliant peace of art.
Anybody knows who made it or where it comes from?

Youssouf and the Ming Bronze Sheep

Yesterday an enourmous package was delivered at my home.
The bronze sheep from the Ming Dynasty had arrived from China!

As you might remember I made a bid for this sheep at eBay and won.

And as promised: some photo's of me and the bronze sheep!

To make you understand what the impact for me - a little sheep - is, I'll make a comparison, related to your human size.
Imagine. Someday the doorbell rings. You open the door and there is a guy from some international shipping company. With a huge package. The size of a small cottage.
You open it up and there is a huge, life size bronze rhinoceros. It ways over 3000 kg or perhaps 6000 lbs! You climb on top of it and have your picture taken.
If you convert this story to me, with my size, you'll get the bronze sheep of 4,5 kg (9 lbs). :-)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sounds of Sheep Around the World

I am from Jordan, I live in the Netherlands and I travel half the world.
What language do I speak? Bleatish of course. And since I am a plush toy sheep I speak - to be more precise - Fluf-Bleatish.

People just don't understand it - have never heart of Bleatish, don't bother bringing up Fluf-Bleatish - and think we make a sound like 'baaah'.
Well, at least English people do think so.
But what does the rest of the world think what sound sheep make?

On Sounds of the World's Animals - Sheep you can find an inventory of onomatopoetic representations of sheep sounds (in normal words: how do other people write 'baaah'). If you are interested, you can find there sounds of a number of other animals as well.

Sheep sounds around the world

Albanian: be-e be-e
Arabic (Algeria): baa baa
Catalan: beeee
Chinese (Mandarin): mieh mieh
Croatian: bee-hee
Danish: mæh
Dutch: bèèh
English: baaah
English (Old English): Scep blæt.
Esperanto: mek
Estonian: mää
Finnish: bäää bäää
French: bêêê
German: bähh, bähh
Hebrew: meeee meeee
Hindi: bhe:-bhe:
Hungarian: beeee
Icelandic: me
Italian: beeee
Japanese: mee
Korean: meeeee
Norwegian: bæ
Polish: meeeeee; be, be
Portuguese (Portugal): meee meee
Russian: bee
Slovene: bee-bee
Spanish (Spain): bee
Spanish (Argentina): meeee
Swedish: bää
Turkish: me-e-e-eh, me-e-e-eh
Ukrainian: be-be
Vietnamese: be-hehehe

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sheepish: a frogger-style game

Again another game from I already wrote a post about Puzzled Sheep.

The game 'Sheepish' is the old frogger game, but with a sheep instead of a frog, as you can see. Still fun, but nothing new. I like the graphics of Puzzled Sheep better :-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Art: Sheep and Shepherds

Weblogging about sheep is not only about games or fooling around.

To be a bit more culturally sound I provide a link to some works of art - paintings - about Sheep and Shepherds.
Just click on the links in the 'images' section in the middle.

The paintings have a religious bias.

This religious setting gives a different way of depicting sheep and the symbolism is of course very apparent.
The ways of the sheep are uncertain and depicting them can be done in a myriad of manners.
Nevertheless: sheep are always fun.

Sheep like smiles

A BBC News article says that sheep like smiles.
They prefer a smiling human (or a happy sheep) face above a stressed one.

Of course sheep like smiles! (I should know)

Sheep can recognise emotions in facial expression, not only in their species but also in humans, researchers say.

The Cambridge researchers made this conclusion from observing sheep that had the choice for 2 doors with food behind it. Door 'smiling face' or door 'angry face'. They chose the smiling door of course.

Stupid research? Nope. They have proven before that sheep can recognize over 150 (sheep) faces and remember them for 2 years. Thus: sheep are considered the most dumb of all farm animals, but are still smarter than we thought.

For recognizing faces you need certain analytical capacities. But recognizing the different emotional expressions in faces requires much more subtle analysis and emotional concepts. And sheep have'm all.

Sheep are far more intelligent and have more emotional capacities then you might think. (they can even create weblogs)

So, to make a better world, greet your neighbour on the streets and give a smile to his sheep!

Monday, August 16, 2004

Youssouf's Guide to SheepShopping

Since I am a very experienced SheepShopper and a plush toy sheep myself, I am creating a guide to SheepShopping.

If you like sheep and want to buy some sheep stuff - whether it is plush toys, mugs, t-shirts or anything else - this SheepShopping Guide can be helpful. It is always fun to shop for sheep (shop-a-holics beware).

The Guide will grow with the SheepShopping posts I will make. This post (the Guide) will be updated with a link to every SheepShopping post I make.

Youssouf's SheepShopping Guide will cover tips & tricks of shopping for sheep in stores and shops.
It will address stores and product lines. As well as just great sheep picks.
And of course it will include links to online shops to purchase your sheep right away!

Have fun and feel free to give feedback.
Let's start shopping for sheep!

SheepShopping Tips & Tricks

Where to find and buy your sheep stuff.

SheepShopping in Stores Around You

Great SheepShopping Product Lines

Online SheepShopping Stores

Great Sheep Picks

Items for sale in online auctions or shops. Just encounters of great sheep. Individual items, not a whole brand or store. Older items might not be available anymore.

Photo Story: Evil Sheep

For a thrilling Monday, a photo story.
It's about a cute little sheep that turns evil. Why? What happened? Read Evil Sheep!

It's truly horrifying. And it is in Dutch.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sheep Pool

Another fun sheep game.
Sheep pool.

It is kind-a-like nine ball. With your mouse you control the dog. The sheepdog has to round the sheep to their pockets. Sheep 1 into pocket 1. Sheep 2 in pocket 2, well you can fill in the rest. Beware not to get the wrong sheep in the wrong pocket or all sheep will explode like a miniature Mururoa. And of course, sheep 1 first, then sheep 2...

So, let's play Sheep Pool!

Hanging out with SheepWorld-NICI friends

Yesterday I was hanging out with my SheepWorld-NICI friends (if you like friends like those of mine, have a look around!).
A bit sitting on the grass and bathing in the sunshine. We did some severe lounging in the evening. The photo was made on my big lounge couch. Everybody is a bit lame of the sunshine and the loads of plush-kebab we ate.

From left to right, top row: Sturby, Greyze (see this blog post), Wackelschaf.
From left to right, bottom row: Belli, Youssouf (me!) and Eweston.

A small introduction.
Sturby likes hanging out, especially at the door.
Greyze is always concerned about her fleece. No, she does not want that granny-aubergine-dye in her fleece.
Somehow people with problems always tend call Eweston.
Belli is a bit of a strange - but very adorable - southern German type with a bell (feels related to the cow-bell cattle in the Schwartzwald).
Wackelschaf is quite the silent kind of person, but his nodding mainly says enough at moments.
And finally Youssouf. Well, you know me.