Monday, December 05, 2005


Baah? Baaa baa baaaaah!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Gozo here I come!

Today I am off to Gozo, the small island near Malta. Will be fun and sun!
A two weeks holiday... Love it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sheep News: Sheep is Spared Chop after Escape

Always great to read heroic sheep stories!

A sheep called Myfanwy has been spared the slaughterhouse after a daring escape from a farmer in north Wales.

The sheep was being rounded up to be taken to a fatstock market and onto an abattoir, when she managed to swim across a lake to a small island.

She spent six weeks there before being brought back.

Now farmer Philip Robinson, from Nannerch near Mold, has decided to adopt her as the farm pet.

Mr Robinson was rounding up 30 sheep, which had run across a field towards the lake.

But Myfanwy had been left to rest on the ground.

Before the farmer could reach her with his dog, she pulled herself up and swam 30 yards across the water, which is used for fly-fishing.

After a short holiday on her own private island, living on reeds and vegetation, the eight-year-old ewe was brought back.

Mr Robinson said: "I left her for six weeks because we were busy with lambing and I took a boat over the island. When I tried to reach her, it was difficult..she ended up trying to swim back again".

The 44-year-old farmer, who has 600 ewes, said adoption by a farm park was one option, unless her celebrity takes her to pastures new.

It has echoes of the Tamworth Two, when two pigs were spared after swimming across a river and going on the run in 1998.

Their story was later turned into a film.

As for Myfanwy, she is open to offers, although temperamental.

Mr Robinson said: "You get to know the problem sheep but she had not shown herself before. We decided to give her a reprieve - she's like a pet now, out in the field with the rams but you can't really get near her.

"She's a bit lively and a bit of a runner!"

Found the article at BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | North East Wales | Sheep is spared chop after escape

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Flapser's Frolicing Wisdoms III

You can distinguish between sheepish geeks (or geeky sheep) and those who are not sheepish geeks by stating the following:
"All Your Baaahs Are Belong To Us"

The sheepish geek will understand it, others will not.
If you haven't got a clue what it is all about, then you are not a sheepish geek.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sheep Game: Garfield's Sheep Shot

Make sure Garfield gets his 9 hours of sleep!
You can help him by getting sleepy sheep into his bed by using the slingshot to launch the sheep. Every time a sheep reaches Garfield, he gets a half hour of restful slumber.

And it is not that easy...

But very much fun indeed!
Garfield's Sheep Shot

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sheep Game: Sheep Dash!

The BBC has got a great game. In the Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind department (that's were the sheep should be??) you can find it.

The game will test how fast your reactions are.
When you start the game, click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and running for freedom.

There are five sheep to stop. But be warned, there's a 3 second penalty if you shoot a dart when no sheep are running.

I like the graphics of the game! Not to forget the sounds :D

Please note that no sheep were harmed in the making of this game

How quick are you?

BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Sheep Dash!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Thirsty Sheep

When a sheep walks through the grasslands it is quite clear where it will drink. There is always a pond, small stream or canal nearby.

But what if you are a travelling sheep like me?
You are wandering through a big city and suddenly you are thirsty...
What would you do? Right. Have a sip from a drinking fountain. That was what this clever sheep was thinking :D

Found the photo at Jokes, Photos, Funny Stories and Office Humour -

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Flapser's Frolicing Wisdoms II

Do not count the sheep,
instead count the fences

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Flapser's Frolicing Wisdoms I

Don't shear an entire flock
When you knit just one sock

Sheep News: 'Mr president, please slaughter 1 000 sheep'

Sometimes the world seems bizarre.
Well, read for yourself. But please, do not slaughter 1000 sheep to prevent earthquakes in Indonesia. That's a waste (but 1000 sheep for some nice Indonesian dishes...).

Jakarta - Indonesia's president said on Tuesday he had been told to slaughter 1 000 sheep to prevent a repeat of the disastrous quakes that have hit his country, but he rejected the advice as superstitious nonsense.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said he had been bombarded with telephone text messages saying sacrificial lambs could calm the seismic forces that have claimed thousands of lives.

"I have received many SMSs which say: 'Mr president, please slaughter 1,000 sheep',"

Yudhoyono was quoted as saying by the state news agency Antara.

Yudhoyono urged the public not to believe in superstitions, saying that earthquakes were a natural phenomenon and could be explained scientifically.

Indonesia is a mainly Muslim country but belief in ancient mystic practices is still ingrained in the lives of many citizens.

Source: IOL (South Africa) news article: 'Mr president, please slaughter 1 000 sheep'

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sheep maze

Sometimes it is necessary to keep the visitors of this blog (you!) busy. Provide some entertainment that may cost them a potential hour or so. And it must be fun.

That is why I posted this great maze.
It should keep you busy for an hour or so (unless you are the brightest student of your flock). Or perhaps your little neighbour kid will enjoy it on a rainy afternoon :-D

Imagine you are a shepphard. You have to find your lost lamb. You have to find the lamb before its lovely flower in the hair has faded.

Sheep maze

The theme of a shepphard finding a lost lamb sounds awfully familiar, no surprise I found the maze on Bible Kids' Fun Zone.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hallmark E-card: Thank Ewe!

A friend of mine sent me a great Thank Ewe E-card from Hallmark.
Hallmark Thank Ewe E-card
It is a funny animated Flash card. Don't forget to turn on your sound!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pictures of Rome

As you might know, last December I went to Rome for a couple of days. And I promissed you some pictures.

So here it goes!

Of course I started the journey at Schiphol Airport (near Amsterdam).
Youssouf off to Rome (at Schiphol)

There is so much to see in Rome. Way too much. And a small sheep like me always has to watch out for pickpockets (or sheeppockets) and those dangerous Roman scooters.

I am a sheep, I like to bounce, but the Roman espresso's (great stuff!) really made me bounce from ancient Roman pilar to medieval house to the next fountain.

Yeah. Fountains. They are all over the place. Every square has at least one of 'm. So, some fountain pictures!

Youssouf at the Mascherone fountain in the Via Giulia
Here I am at the Mascherone fountain in the Via Giulia. The total count of fountains will be high if they start calling public water taps fountains ;-)

Youssouf at the Forum Romanum
You can't see much of the Forum Romanum, but I am there. Really. At night, on my way to discover the night life (which existed in my case of fountains by night).

Youssouf at a fountain on the Piazza Navona by night
This is one of the fountains at the Piazza Navona. The place to meet? Well, I did not meet any other sheep out there. So much for a meeting point...

Youssouf off to Rome (at Schiphol)
The most famous fountain of Rome and perhaps even the world: the Trevi Fountain.
It is both enourmous and beautiful. All those detailed sculptured figures. Bigger than life size! A marvelous (or marbelous??) job!
I guess it is one of the most photographed fountains in the world. Millions of photo's are made of this photo? What makes this so special? Me! It is one of the very rare photo's of the Trevi fountain with a plush toy sheep. :-D

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sheep News: Scientists search for bare-bum sheep gene

All this talk about mulesing lately...
In the future cutting-edge genetic engineering may replace cutting-ass technology called mulesing. Both designed to prevent flystrike with sheep.

Scientists are hoping to identify the gene or genes which resulted in "bare-bum" sheep on a South Australian merino stud, with hopes it can be replicated across the industry.

The genetic mutation on the Eyre Peninsula resulted in a ram that was completely bare in the crutch and hind leg area.

Professor Phil Hynd from the University of Adelaide says he has no doubts that genetics is the answer to the ethical dilemma of mulesing sheep.

"We want to get away from chemical use as much as possible in the sheep industry," he said.

"The chemical mulesing that we're developing at Adelaide University with Australian Wool Innovation is, as I see it, a stop-gap measure.

"When mulesing's banned in 2009, we need something to replace it."

Professor Hynd says the aim now is to identify the bare-bum gene and to see if it is present in other sheep flocks.

"Genetic solutions are always slow, even with markers, but we would hope that if this is a dominant gene or at least a small cluster of genes that we can identify, we should be able to start making big impacts on the industry over a 10 to 15 year period," he said.

Article found at ABC News Online - Sci Tech News 21/03/2005 Scientists search for bare-bum sheep gene

Monday, March 21, 2005

Mulesing along?

Every coin has two sides (well, three actually for most of them...).
I reported about the horrible practice of mulesing before.

Sir Rantzalot notified me of the article Animal welfare in the Australian wool industry of the Australian Wool industry. Their side of the story.

You can compare it with the agitated reactions to Canadian people killing baby seals for their fur. Most of those hunters do it because they do not have an alternative. European citizens protest against it, but the fact is, most of the hunters used to be fishermen. Not enough fish for them left, because European (!) trawlers are fishing too much in their waters.

Just like that: mulesing is horrible, but 3 million sheep dieing each year of flystrike also... So let's hope they will find a good alternative for mulesing quickly.

Shamy sheepy

I've been not that active with blogging lately. Shame on me. Indeed.
I promissed photo's from my latest trips. They still have to come.

Oooh. The horror, the shame.

I will try to better my life and be as fluffy and blogging as I used to be.


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Youssouf Went Twente

I'm back since last Friday.
I staid in a nice cottage in Boekelo. Boekelo is famous for its salt mines. In the landscape you can still see at several locations the dark brown wooden salt mine towers. Nice view! Of course I made photo's of it. Me included.
Surprisingly it was snowing over there. Usually you don't encounter much snow in The Netherlands. But if it starts snowing somewhere, the first place is likely to be Twente. And so it was. I made some rare pictures of me in the snow. I thought it would be a very rare occasion. Snowy white fields. Encountering a snow man. Licking up snow flakes from the air.
But alas - or fortunately - it was not rare. Now in Utrecht - and the rest of the Netherlands - it has been snowing for a couple of days. Melted away a bit during the day. But now there is really some snow. Even in areas where it does not snow that much a bunch has fallen. 10 to 20 cm in Utrecht and even 60 cm in Groningen! When did this all start? About last Tuesday (which was not so last Tuesday). The day exactly when the meteorological Spring started. Heavy snowfall (according to Dutch standards) in Spring. Right. Some greenhouse effect (not!).

But I am drifting off. Boekelo and surroundings is a nice place to be. I love the Twentish accent of the people. Farmland is alternated by chunks of forrest and 'hout wallen' (wooden walls). Really nice to walk over there in the snow. I also did quite some relaxing. Played some new boardgames. I really had fun! Pictures will follow!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Week in Twente

As from today I will be on the move again. A week in Twente. A beautiful region in the east of the Netherlands.
And I will be making photo's! Just a bit of hopping and wandering around. It will be fun! I sure hope it will not be raining...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Bhaaaappy Vaahaaalentine!

Happy sheepish valentine's day to all of you (ewe)!

I found this great sheepish val's day card at Ant Creations.

Ant Creations - Cards-Valentine

And they have more (Welsh) sheep cards than just this one :-D

A Different Side Of Flapser - Part XVI

A different side of Flapser

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Draw Sheep in the Big City

All Cartoon Network fans out there know the toon Sheep in the Big City. Unfortunately we do not have Cartoon Network on the cable anymore :(
But now you can have your own Sheep at home!

The Cartoon Network's Fridays offer a Sheep drawing lesson!

Have fun and enjoy the drawing!

Sheep Cartoon: Black Sheep

Luckily I do not do politics.
Nevertheless a political sheep cartoon. Found at The Clinton Legacy

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sometimes you can't believe what people are doing to sheep.
Sir Rantzalot noticed me on some truely bad practices in Australia called mulesing:

Can you imagine the public outcry if someone grabbed a dog and sliced away skin and flesh the size of a dinner plate from around its anus and tail with a pair of shears and without anaesthetic.
Well Australian protection laws, whilst prohibiting such cruelty on companion animals, allow this gory primitive act to be carried out on millions of sheep each year.

If you have a strong stomache (there is one gruesome picture) and are prepared to read about this abuse, just read the article on Mulesing from Animal Liberation. Perhaps you can help prevent such misbehaviour...
They should be cuddling those sheep!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Rich lamb and vegetable mix brings home flavor of Sudan

Cooking is fun. Exotic cooking can be more fun.
To some people cooking lamb is fun. Tastes great! (I am a plush sheep, so I am not offended by you eating a meaty sheep. Is you would eat plush sheep, I'd be offended)

Sudanese lamb and veggies mix can make a great meal. Try it!

A great story AND a nice recipe: Kansas City Star Rich lamb and vegetable mix brings home flavor of Sudan.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Muppet Sheep

One of the greatest and funny sheep ever designed, are the Muppet Sheep.
I just love them!

One sheep made his debut in Milton Miller's Barnyard Philharmonic Trio, the others appeared for the first time in the episode guest starring the Star Wars cast (#89)singing "Rama Lama Ding Dong". One of the sheep was a black lamb with white fur, and one of them (who in one episode turned into Super Sheep) had horns.

They should get their own show!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SheepNews: Two-headed lamb born in China

Spring is on its way. Lambs are being born.
Some people think sheep are dumb. Perhaps some are. But to compensate a little brain by having to of 'em?? Miraculous world.

Anyways. The full article can be found at Ananova - Two-headed lamb born in China.

A Different Side Of Flapser - Part XIII

A different side of Flapser

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sheep News: 'Maintenance-Free' Sheep Replace Lawnmower

With such a title you have to make a post.
It's not a Lawnmower Man story. Not scary at all.
Just a demonstration of the capabilities of us great sheep!

It’s not as cold in northwest Arkansas as it is in Iceland, but a flock of Icelandic sheep doesn’t seem to mind.


“We had some friends here a year ago in October,” said Marilyn Miles. “Dennis told them how much time he spent mowing. Our friends said we ought to get some sheep.”

Read the full story at 'Maintenance-Free' Sheep Replace Lawnmower

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Sheep Game: Baa Baa Black Sheep

The Beeb (BBC) has of course CBBC, Children's BBC. But they go beyond that and have a CBeeBies section as well! For the wooly diaper lambs out there.

For that purpose they have designed a great game. And it is all about the song Baa Baa Black Sheep. Jolly!
Young children love the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep and they will enjoy matching the pictures to the rhyme. This game was designed for all children but particularly for those with autism and related communication disorders.
Well. It should fit the average visitor of this blog ;-)
I managed to play all 3 levels! Even Flapser managed it.
Try it for yourself!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Lamblet - "To Baaa or Not To Baaa"

Back in 1997 my friend Gwynt translated William Shakespeare's famous Hamlet monologue to a more sheepish version. Since this sheepish masterpiece may not end up in the bottom drawer of oblivion, I will post it on my weblog.
The original version was published under the Games, Downloads & Miscellaneous Sheep Stuff of Gwynt's Sheep Paradise (which I archived).

Behold. It is not the most brilliant and correct English out there, but you have to make some concessions when you translate the monologue to a sheep dyeing story.

Monologue from 'Lamblet' by Woolliam Sheepspeare

(Act III, Scene I.- A Room in the Castle.
ligne 56: Enter Lamblet.)

Performed with a 'bleat in the throat'.

To baaa, or not to baaa: that is the que-e-estion:
Whe-e-ther 'tis nobler in the maaa-aaa to suffer
The sli-i-ings and a-a-arr-ewes of outsheareous fo-o-ortune,
Or to ta-a-ake rams agai-ai-ainst a sheep of troubles, A-a-and by oppo-o-osing end ram? To dye: two sheep;
No moor; and, by-y-y a sheep to say we end
The horn-ache and the thou-ou-ousand natural flocks
That flesh is here too, 'tis for consumption
Devou-ou-outly to baaa wish'd. To dye: two sheep;
Two sheep: persi-i-istent to scream: ay, they're the dumb
For in tha-a-at sheep of heath what screams may co-o-ome
When we ha-a-ave shorn of this mutton wool,
Must gi-i-ive us grass. The-e-ere's the respect
That makes insanity of such sheep life;
For who-o-o would shear the lips and horns of mine,
The shephard's wrong, the prou-ou-oud ram's contumely,
The lambs of disprized lo-o-ove, the ewe's betrayal,
The i-i-insolence of sheepishness, and the spu-u-urns
The baaa-aatient maaa-aaarit of the unwooly steaks,
When he himse-e-elf flight this delicious steak
With a baaa-aaa-aaare lambkin? who would shephards shear,
To bleat and shed u-u-under a sheary life,
But that the thread of some wool after shear,
The u-u-undiscover'd county from whose bourn
No lavender occurs, dazzles the hill,
And makes ewes rather shear those fleeces ewes have
Then dye -it bothers that ewes know not of?
Thus conscience does ma-a-ake shephards of us all;
And thu-u-us the native ewe with dye-solution
Is painted o'er with the pencils of thought
And ewe disguises in great myth and nonsense
With this rega-a-ard their cutlets turn greeny
And lose the fame of attraction. Soft ewe now!
The hairy Ovinia! Ny-y-ymph, in thy horn-sizes
Baaa a-a-all my sheep ramember'd

A Different Side Of Flapser - Part XII

A different side of Flapser

Monday, January 03, 2005

Baaahaaappy New Year!

Hurray! A new year!
Best wishes, fleece and sheep to everyone for 2005!

Last week I got a new computer, so the backup of all data and the installation of new software took quite some time. Time not spent at blogging (you have to have a working pc to be able to blog...). I hope to blog more this week.

Keep on bleating this year.