Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Different Side Of Flapser

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When Flapser joined me in making this weblog I did not know what to expect from him. Usually Flapser is just jumping, flapsing and frolicing around. Nothing too serious.

Anyways, he promissed not too flapse too much around on my Sheeplog. He promissed to show us a different side of Flapser. I expected - I hoped - to see a more serious side of Flapser. Perhaps even he would write philosophical posts, to show us a different side of him. My expectations grew, since he locked himself up in his room for a month working on the matter. Would it be the next Kierkegaart or Sartre?

Of course, Flapser took it all very literally. He is now literally showing us a different side of him in each part of 'A Different Side Of Flapser' he is publishing. If you don't want to miss any part (of Flapser), you can have a look at this post (click the A Different Side button on the left). All published parts will be lined up here.

Friday, November 19, 2004

A Different Side Of Flapser - Part I

A different side of Flapser

Sheep News: Farmer Amazed by 'Woolly Mammoth'

Clare made me aware of this cool BBC News item (thanx Clare!). Mammoth sheep!
Mammoth size sheep

Sheep are usually - well - sheep size. There are exceptions. Like me, a fluffy toy sheep. Griff is a ram as well, fluffy too. But tiny? No!

A Yorkshire farm has raised one of the biggest sheep in the country - weighing in at an incredible 20 stone (127kg).
And five-year-old Griff the giant Oxford Down ram is still growing.

Awesome guy, this Griff. And friendly too! He is way bigger than me (I bet his left ear is heavier than I am).

So tame in fact that Jean's grandchildren, five-year-old Sam and eight-year-old Rachel can often be found riding around the fields on Griff's back.

I love him already!

Read the full article at BBC News: Farmer amazed by 'woolly mammoth'.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sheep Comic: Count your sheep

I like sheep when they are lovely and cute. Well, I always like sheep, but especially when they are lovely.

Like the sheep drawn in the webcomic Count your sheep. It is drawn by Adrian Ramos.
If you click on the comic below, you end up with the first comic. You can continue for dozens of comics! With sheep. Of course.

Start counting and try to stay awake!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Flapser at Work?

Over a month ago Flapser joined me in making this weblog.

He's not that much of a writer, but I expected something from him. Flapser has locked himself up in his room for a month now. Very hard at work. I wonder what he is up to. It must be something brilliant if I look at the amount of time he has spent in there.
On the other hand. It is Flapser. He is probably flapsing around a lot.
He promissed it won't take too long before he will be flapsing the Sheeplog with his 'flapsing stuff'.

Black Sheep? No (Of)Fence!

The cartoon says it all. Once a black sheep...

Found at Black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool? - The Original Funnies