Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Wool Bin

Some people are not into sheep directly. They are into sheep products like wool.

Some people are really addicted to knitting. Like the women of the Society for Women Addicted to Knitting. Their logo is really great!

Anyways. The website is from The Wool Bin. A wool and knitting shop in Oakville (Ontario, Canada). Or as they call it A Knitter's Paradise for Retail Shoppers. Besides the lovely sheep logo's and great sheep knitting patterns they have more.

A great looking floppy and fluffy sheep bag!

New Member: Flapser

You might have noticed that a new member joined me in making this weblog.

Flapser joined my sheepish group of friends at the same time as Greyze.
Flapser is an enthousiastic sheep with big ears and a very big smile.
Always jumping up and down with flapping ears (Flapser calls is flapsing or to flapser). Nothing can stop him.
A really nice guy, but sometimes a bit to lively.

The story is that Flapser is posting reply's on other weblogs and he always mentions this weblog as his 'home page'. A nice gesture.
Besides that, he really really really really wanted to get involved with making this weblog. So I gave him a chance.

I don't know what we can expect from Flapser. It's not that he is going to win the Pullitzer Prize. He promised not to be flapsering around in his post, but to show A Different Side of Flapser.

I am curious...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004



I am Flapser. A fluffy plush toy sheep, just like Youssouf.
Youssouf made me member of this blog as well!!

I like to flapser around a lot! With my big flapsy ears.


Sheep Cartoon: Little Time

Found this cartoon at Bucharest for you - a Romanian Entertainment directory for fun.

Sheep News: Be Careful with Dipping Sheep

Today I read some environmental sheep news in the Lakeland Today:
Farmers in Cumbria have been urged to take extra care with sheep dipping as part of a new initiative to protect the native white-clawed crayfish in the region.

Every time a read about sheep dipping I am not thinking about desinfecting sheep, but I see the Gary Larson cartoon (I posted earlier) before my eyes.
I just can't help it.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Holiday Fun: Create Your Own Lego Sheep

Some people do not have sheep.
Poor people.
Some people have lots of spare time or have a holiday.
But still they do not have a sheep.

They might even get bored with recontructing the Taj Mahal in Lego. For the fourth time. Or you have built a complete railroad track including a detailed replica of London's Victoria Station. Or you need a totally new challenge after building the three feet tall Lego Star Wars Imperial Destroyer.

Perhaps that's you.
Perhaps you need that new challange with these Danish building blocks.
Perhaps you don't have any sheep at all.
But you do have Lego?

Then you can have a sheep as well!
Just follow the instructions in the picture below.

If you can't get enough and you want to make a Santa and penguins for your Christmas stable as well, just visit Bricks on the Brain's Building Instructions Portal - Holiday Fun! Warning! Those other structures are extremely difficult as well!

Sheep News: Sheep Used to Combat Noxious Weeds

Pat Hatfield has 120 warm fuzzy sheep out east of Bozeman, and they're not just grazing, they're keeping a grain field clear of weeds and herbicides, too.

Hatfield, a Montana State University sheep researcher, is trying to take the now-well-known ability of sheep to graze noxious weeds from the range and into grain fields. Sheep are a proven control for leafy spurge and spotted knapweed on the range. Using them in grain fields looks like one of the proverbial win-win situations as well: crop growers use the sheep to cut fuel and herbicide costs and sheep producers use the field to cut feed costs.

Great use of sheep :-) And an extra win: they are fluffy too!

The full article: Sheep used to combat noxious weeds -

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Fluffy 3D Lwo Sheep

Let's cite:
3D Models
cartoon style sheep for lightwave 7 with 2 model types [one set up for fur and one with normal eyes and nose] and one lightwave scene with saslite fur setup for body/head and ears.

Anyways, if you are into some 3D modeling and sheep, you can buy these models. The 3D models are created by Stephen Gilbert, aka Cresshead.

I just thought the sheep looked great and really fluffy for 3D sheep...